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We’re revolutionising fertility therapy with next-generation diagnostics technology to provide answers to complex fertility challenges with a new focus on understudied factors and better patient outcomes.

Introducing MiOXSYS®

  • Caerus Biotech provides couples with a diagnostic tool – MiOXSYS® (‘Male Infertility Sperm Oxidative System’) – that can diagnose one of the most important causes behind male infertility.
  • MiOXSYS® is the most comprehensive diagnostic system of seminal oxidative-reductive potential, validated by clinical studies and recognized by the World Health Organisation.1
  • It is a rapid in-vitro diagnostic semen test that is accurate, fast and easy to use, providing the most definitive oxidative stress result within the clinical IVD (In-Vitro Diagnostics) market.
Mioxsys device
Our Team

Our Team

Caerus Biotech is a rapidly growing company with experience and scientific know-how, focused on a fundamental desire to improve the lives of patients by providing more certainty in fertility diagnostics.

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1 World Health Organisation Laboratory Manual for the Examination and Processing of Human Semen (6th. Ed), 2021