Caerus Biotech is a European biotechnology company, specialising in research and development of next-generation fertility solutions

Our story

Caerus Biotech is a subsidiary of the GryNumber Health Group – a pharmaceutical and life sciences company, with production and sales offices across Europe and internationally.

Caerus was founded upon decades of combined authoritative fertility expertise, with a mission to revolutionise infertility therapy. We deploy novel technology to provide better diagnostics, uncover unaddressed factors and improve patient outcomes.

CaerusBiotech Team
CaerusBiotech Team

Our mission

We have a fundamental desire to improve the lives of patients by providing more certainty in fertility diagnostics.

For too long, male fertility has been overlooked by the healthcare community, despite being the cause of around 50% of all infertility cases. To rectify this, we’ve worked to develop cutting-edge diagnostic approaches to redefine the standard of male infertility management.

Caerus’ flagship MiOXSYS® technology rests on internationally-protected intellectual property, clinically-proven and WHO-recognised1 diagnostic methodology, that provides you with accurate results to plan for your future family.

CaerusBiotech Team
CaerusBiotech Team

Our point of view


Our team is your team. A crew aboard a racing boat moves as one; in the same spirit, onboarding patients, healthcare providers and pharma pioneers on the same journey helps us move forward in certainty – even when navigating uncharted waters.


Pushing the frontiers of medical innovation is in our DNA. It’s as evident in our products, as it is clear in our approach to R&D. We take on health challenges with an open mind – and cutting-edge technology.


Your success is our success. We know that it may be a difficult and uncertain time. We don’t like to adore the problem; we’re solutionists. Once onboard, we’ll go with you all the way: calm to the storm, full steam ahead.

CaerusBiotech Team
CaerusBiotech Team

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1 World Health Organisation Laboratory Manual for the Examination and Processing of Human Semen (6th. Ed), 2021